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Songpin trade co., ltd. is committed to building China's largest and most professional international express enterprises, with a large service network, kunshan songpin trade co., LTD. Kunshan pine needle trading co., LTD will provide you with safe, economical and professional service with the most professional spirit. Strong ability to pass. Sea transport is accomplished by means of natural waterways. These well-connected waterways link ports around the world and are not subject to road or rail restrictions, as are cars and trains. In addition, in the event of changes in political, economic, trade and natural conditions, the most advantageous routes can be chosen at any time.




Cheap freight. The waterways through which sea transport passes are naturally formed, and port facilities are generally built by the government, rather than requiring substantial investment in road or rail construction, as is the case with road or rail transport; On the other hand, the ship carries a large amount of cargo, the use time is long, the transportation mileage is long, so compared with other modes of transportation, the unit transportation cost of sea transportation is lower. As a result of above all factors, make maritime carriage freight is low.




Of course, there are some disadvantages in sea transportation, such as low speed, great influence of weather and natural conditions, but its position and role in the transportation and its importance still greatly exceed other modes of transportation.


We devote ourselves to the global shipping industry with the greatest effort, and inject vigorous vigor and confidence, and we are bound to become the leader of all shipping routes in the world! More will become your trustworthy partner forever! Our service is complete and our price is reasonable. With "reputation" as the foundation of the enterprise, we are willing to establish a win-win cooperation relationship with you with the most favorable freight rate and 24-hour service.


We promise: considerate service + professional operation strength + accumulated experience = your real satisfaction!




With the service attitude of "time is money, efficiency is life" and the rigorous attitude of "making progress every day", we have won good comments from many customers and established a good corporate image. With unremitting efforts, the company has developed into a perfect facilities, complete network, service in place, quality and efficient international freight forwarding enterprises, we create a better quality enterprise brand, dedicated to provide you with a full range of services. After years of reasonable management, our company has firmly grasped the changes of the market. In terms of service form, we mainly introduce FOB and CIF to the market. In the long-term development, our company has established a good reputation among shipping companies and customers. It has also become the primary agent designated by some domestic and foreign shipping companies, such as: CMA, COSCO, WANHL, ZIM, MSC, MSK, etc. Also by some different types at home and abroad, and have a good reputation of the enterprise's favor, signed in the form of a contract designated as a long-term partner. After years of scientific management and development, our company has established itself as a "strong company" in the market with a proud attitude in this highly competitive industry, and has been praised by all sectors of the society.

In line with the customer's "first", "care" service for the purpose, we will with professional service, cheap prices for the general customers the company's total number of employees more than 30 people, and are have bachelor degree or above, years of work experience and rich experience in planning, solid professional knowledge of personnel. In shipping, airfreight, land transportation and international express delivery and warehousing, customs clearance, insurance, LCL cargo, such as field has a mature business network and market experience. Relying on the "window" advantages of shenzhen, Shanghai, tianjin, guangzhou and Hong Kong, the company provides safe, fast and high-quality global logistics and supply chain services for domestic and foreign importers and exporters and manufacturers through the world's major agent networks to various countries and regions.松品贸易有限公司致力于打造中国最大、最专业的国际快递企业,拥有庞大的服务网络,昆山松品贸易有限公司。昆山松针贸易有限公司将以最专业的精神为您提供安全、经济、专业的服务。通过能力强。海上运输是通过自然水道进行的。这些连接良好的水路连接着世界各地的港口,不像汽车和火车那样受公路或铁路的限制。此外,在政治、经济、贸易和自然条件发生变化时,可以随时选择最有利的路线。




































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