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International container terminals co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "company") is located in baoman port area of zhanjiang port. It is a holding subsidiary of zhanjiang port (group) co., LTD. It was incorporated on September 18, 2013 and officially put into operation on March 1, 2014. The main business scope includes: providing terminal facilities and fresh water supply services for ships; To provide cargo handling, warehousing and logistics services, container handling and stacking in the port area; Maintenance services for port facilities, equipment and port machinery; Port construction and management, container cleaning and maintenance, port information consulting service; Storage and transportation of imported wastes and raw materials.
Zhanjiang harbour treasure full container terminal (first phase) shoreline is 678 metres long, with 2 5-15 - design and construction (hydraulic press) container berths, put into operation on November 8, 2013, obtain approval of the state council in August 2014 opening to the outside world, June 18, 2015 formally discharged trade ships, October 11, 2016 wharf engineering through the overall completion inspection and acceptance, on May 18, 2017 ports open to the public through the national acceptance. At present, the front yard is equipped with 7 large container quayside Bridges and 2 portal cranes, the storage yard is equipped with 21 yard Bridges of "stacking 5 through 6", the rear yard is equipped with 3 front cranes and 7 empty container stacking cranes, and 39 container trailers.
In recent years, with the continuous expansion of business market, the company has opened more than 40 container routes, including domestic trade routes covering the country's main coastal ports; Foreign trade routes have 13 ports in 7 countries (regions); We will vigorously promote the construction of new international land and sea trade routes. We have opened nearly 20 special rail lines for container transport by sea and rail, connecting countries along the "One Belt And One Road" routes in Africa and southeast Asia. The company has successively obtained the operation qualification of imported grain, meat, fruit and renewable resources, and the port qualification has been continuously improved. In 2018, the volume of containers exceeded 1 million TEU for the first time and successfully entered the ranks of one million TEU port.
, zhanjiang company to seize the current construction GangKouXing national logistics hub city, and China merchants comprehensively deepen "1 + N" strategic cooperation, depth, docking free trade area and China - asean free trade area, hainan and zhanjiang harbour group, in-depth implementation of the five strategic and other major economic opportunities, actively into the international new channel construction, land, sea and trade integration of industry resources to build a modern logistics supply chain platform, such as increasing external influence and comprehensive competitiveness, consolidate the zhanjiang harbour area transit port status, efforts to create a new situation of high quality new era.
Subsequently, the phase I expansion of baoman container terminal and the construction of phase ii dedicated berths will be launched successively. By then, the port scale with a capacity of over 3 million TEU will be formed, making great strides towards the goal of building a container hub port around the beibu gulf. The employees of the company have more than ten years of experience in dangerous goods transportation and special container operation as well as dedicated and responsible professional quality. At the same time, in Australia, where sea, land and air transportation is convenient, Melbourne has offices and large warehouses for customs clearance, warehousing and distribution.
The company not only has the professional domestic service team, but also has the long-term cooperation relations with many overseas agents, which can realize the destination customs clearance, door-to-door delivery and other one-stop services.国际集装箱码头有限公司(以下简称“公司”)位于湛江港宝满港区。是湛江港(集团)有限公司控股子公司。公司成立于2013年9月18日,2014年3月1日正式投入运营。主要经营范围包括:为船舶提供码头设施和淡水供应服务;在港区提供货物装卸、仓储物流、集装箱装卸和堆垛服务;港口设施、设备和港口机械的维修服务;港口建设管理、集装箱清洗保养、港口信息咨询服务;进口废物和原材料的储存和运输。
湛江港口宝藏全部集装箱码头(第一阶段)海岸线长678米,与2 5 - 15 -设计和施工(液压机)集装箱泊位,投入运营11月8日,2013年,获得国务院批准对外开放,2014年8月正式出院贸易船只,2015年6月18日10月11日,2016年码头工程整体竣工验收,5月18日2017年港口通过全国验收对外开放。目前,前院设有7座大型集装箱码头桥和2台门式起重机,堆场设有21座“堆垛5 ~ 6”堆场桥,后院设有3台前院起重机和7台空集装箱堆垛起重机,39辆集装箱拖车。
,湛江公司抓住当前建设GangKouXing国家物流枢纽城市,和招商全面深化“1 + N”战略合作,深度,对接自由贸易区和中国-东盟自由贸易区,海南和湛江港口集团深入实施的五个战略和其他主要经济机遇,积极融入国际新渠道建设、土地、整合海贸产业资源,构建现代物流供应链平台,如增强外部影响力和综合竞争力,巩固湛江港区中转港地位,努力开创优质新局面新时代。

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