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  • 以服务大众为主体致力为每位客户提供最优质的服务

Nippon international logistics co., ltd. is an international freight company with a history of more than 14 years. Founded in August 2002, the company is a freight forwarder specializing in the services of goods from China TO Thailand, China TO Taiwan and Vietnam DOOR TO DOOR. The company aims to provide customers with safe, fast and professional logistics services of high service level. Our service features door-to-door, tax and customs clearance.

While constantly improving our service quality, we have gradually improved our service network and scope: we have set up six branches in guangzhou, shenzhen, humen, tangxia, yiwu and Shanghai. At the end of 2005, it opened the door to door tax service of bulk cargo to Thailand and Taiwan, realizing the combination of air and sea transportation of cargo from China to Thailand and Taiwan. In the face of a large number of businesses, relying on its own strong professional technical team, according to the needs of customers, combined with the characteristics of logistics business, our company independently developed the national real-time network of the second generation of goods network management system has been officially launched, to achieve the timely control of the information flow of goods. We will continue to improve their own service network, improve their professional logistics service level, and strive to provide you with faster, safer, more economic, higher level of service, in order to save your logistics costs, to enhance the competitiveness of your products to make a modest contribution. To provide customers with more comprehensive services, to bring customers with higher added value of services, so that Nippon stand on the international stage is the company's colleagues toward the common vision.

Thank you for your trust, support, and will be more carefully service, and you win, your satisfaction is our pursuit! Let us work together to create a better tomorrow!!! Can provide from guangdong province to shenzhen container trailer transport, customs clearance agents, pay customs clearance services. In a word, grand yuetong will solve all the problems of cargo transportation for exporters, and design the most reasonable transportation plan, focusing on each link, such as when to close the customs; When to start loading; When to declare at customs; When to do insurance, and so on, every step is detailed, step by step.

Very rich in information, an increasingly competitive today, the grand hyatt links, strive to build the most advanced flow model, accurate calculation of logistics, to decrease the logistics cost, grand hyatt tong is always want to the guest, the anxious guests, whether at work or work, whether it is day or night, we are all you through transport dictionary at any time, will patiently answer every question, to deal with and solve every problem, to the guests as the center, don't care about one mile of gain and loss, let a guest feel real the most sincere, the high quality service, to become his most friends trust.

Grand hyatt is willing to work with you hand in hand, happy cooperation, between you and me to build a bridge of spiritual communication, we completely solve your logistics worries, whether your products are in the sea of yanbojie han; Or soaring in the blue sky; Or drive in the winding and rugged mountain road, we are your product escort, so that it can be safe, on time, intact to the destination, as your product the most faithful carrier. Please do not hesitate, jun yue tong will be the choice of no law日本国际物流有限公司是一家有着14年以上历史的国际货运公司。公司成立于2002年8月,是一家专业从事中国到泰国、中国到台湾、越南门到门货运代理公司。公司致力于为客户提供安全、快捷、专业、高服务水平的物流服务。我们的服务包括送货上门,税务和清关。









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    • 中国最大、最专业的国际快递。
    • 高覆盖、高效率的服务获得多家公司和机构的认可。
    • 最专业的精神为您提供安全、经济、专业的服务。
      • 专业从事国际快递出口 出口报关 台湾快递 东南亚自营专线 DHL EMS 国际速递一级代理的服务型全能公司。
      • 东南亚专线、美国专线、欧洲专线、中东专线等国际线路
      • 长期致力于为客户提供最优质的服务/li>
    • 最优惠的价格而深受客户的爱戴;
    • 国际代理网络遍及欧洲、北美、澳洲、东南亚、中东、南美及非洲地区


    1. 全球一体化的浪潮中更好地维护客户的权益,提供更加优质现代化的物流服务。
    2. 我们将竭诚为您提供最新的货运资讯和安全、迅速、准确的运输服务。
    3. 台湾国际海运。
      1. 为世界一百二十多个国家提供物流服务
      2. 从中国到欧洲空运、铁运、海运等出口的物流服务。
      3. 为客户服务是第一职责,实现客户价值的增加
    4. 公司利用先进的物流管理系统软件、完善快捷的仓储服务以及一流的团队
    5. 为您带来的最贴心,最安全的服务
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